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For over 30 years we've been working to demystify exterior ballistics to give shooters insights into bullet behavior so they can get the most out of their hunting and shooting. To that end Ballistic Explorer is designed to be easy to use, accurate, comprehensive, and provide cutting edge tools not found anywhere else.

We don't make users pay for improvements or bug fixes as is common in today's software market, in fact, we've been giving unlimited free upgrades for over 16 years and running.

Full Specifications

Just some of the features you won't find in other software

Laser Boresight Target

You can use all the features of Ballistic Explorer to precisely calculate the sight adjustment needed to zero your load at its optimal range and then print a target to help you boresight your gun at a short distance indoors well enough to get on target at the optimal zero range, thus, saving you ammo, time and frustration at the shooting range.

Explore various gun, ammo, and sight-in scenarios, and if it's something you may want to revisit, save the entire setup to a file using the new Project feature. Easily organize your projects using descriptive file and subfolder names; anything Windows® supports.

The Drag Analyzer

A tool that lets you see bullet drag.

Shooters are being offered more and more G7 ballistic coefficients and custom drag functions, as well as multiple (stepped) BC values, but how do these compare? Unlike classic drag coefficient graphs, the Drag Analyzers shows you actual bullet drag versus velocity, and not just that of the drag function, but also that of the BC itself along with air density, speed of sound, head and tail winds. You get the full picture for the velocity range and conditions you select.

At a glance you are able to see how various drag functions differ, and in the case of custom and stepped BC values, which standard function they most closely match. In the example above you can see how the BC steps for the Sierra MK bullet correct G1 to better follow G7. In your own shooting you might find the easily calculated G7 equivalent BC better matches your drop observations.

Custom Drag Functions

Ballistic Explorer now supports custom drag functions such as those offered by Lapua.

You can easily enable over 50 custom drag functions Lapua derived from Doppler radar data, and work directly with them in Ballistic Explorer.

Using the Drag Analyzer you can easily see if a particular bullet is better matched by G1 or G7, or any of the other standard drag functions. Then with just a few mouse clicks you can find an equivalent BC for a standard drag function supported by your favorite mobile app.

It's another feature found only in Ballistic Explorer.

Easily calculate Bullet Length, Bullet Stability, Spin Drift and Coriolis Effect.

All shooters can benefit from knowing if their bullets are properly stabilized. To know that you need to know the length of the bullet, so we've added bullet length to all of the loads and bullets in the Ammo/Bullet library, but when a load or bullet is not included you can use the Bullet Length Estimator, which is accurate to within 1/3 caliber 93 percent of the time. It's another unique feature you won't find anywhere else.

The lower part of trace windows extend to reveal extra parameters when Spin drift and/or Coriolis are turned on.

The Explore display quickly finds the answers.

The Explore display gives you many quick acting slider and arrow controls that work in conjunction with rapid automatic recalculation to let you easily find answers to shooting problems no ballistics software is specifically programmed to solve. It's one of many exclusive features found only in Ballistic Explorer.

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