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On this page you'll find software we developed for other companies who are making it available to the public for free. Some may ask, why give away software for free? Well, useful and free programs spread widely and draw customers to businesses that provide them.

All programs on this page were developed by Dexadine, Inc., so you can have confidence there's no malicious code attached or any hidden payload. All of our products are digitally signed with our name, and thus, our reputation.

When you click the download link on one of our client websites, select to download the file to your computer rather than run it. Once it's downloaded you can check the digital signature to ensure the file is exactly as it was when we signed it. Once the file checks OK, run it to install the software.

SiteLite Ballistic Targeting System

Version 1.0.4

The SiteLite Ballistic Targeting System (BTS) software works with any laser boresighter, but was specifically designed for SiteLite laser boresighters. The BTS software lets you select your gun, sight height, ammo, the gun's zeroed range out to 300 yards (meters) and the distance you want to boresight at, which can be as close as 8 yards (meters). You can then print a boresight target customized for your specific settings.

Just place the printed target downrage at the distance you specified and center the boresighter's laser on the spot indicated on the target and adjust the gun's scope to align with the printed crosshair.

Before SiteLite and Dexadine developed the Ballistic Targeting System software, laser boresigthers came with a generic boresight target that approximated a typical hunting rifle zeroed at some typical range using some typical ammo and required the boresight target be place some specific distance downange. Such one-size-fits-all targets likely didn't meet the needs of many shooters and certainly didn't utilize the superior accuracy of SiteLite laser boresighters.

That all changed in 2006 when Rich Langner, President of Concept Development Corporation (CDC), contacted Dexadine wanting to develop software that would let his customers print a boresight target specific to their needs. That collaboration produced software that revolutionized laser boresighting and recently Rich Langner decided to offer the BTS software Free to the public. Just go to the SiteLite website and click on the BALLISTIC TARGETING SYSTEM button and you'll find the download link at the bottom of the page. If you are asked to enter your serial number you can use 123456.

The BTS software runs on Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8. Supports both 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows®. The software is digitally signed by Dexadine, Inc.

Tip For Advanced Users

The BTS software is designed to be easy for the average shooter to use, so the user selects the particulars of their gun and ammo from drop down lists. The software then looks up the typical muzzle velocity and G1 B.C. of the bullet and displays those values, which are then used to calculate the bullet's trajectory and produce the boresight target.

We didn't forget advanced shooters, however, so the Typical Velocity and Typical BC values are actually shown in edit boxes. This means you can enter your own values if you know what they are. This lets you use the BTS software even if you can't find your caliber or bullet in the drop down lists, or if you want to use more accurate values such as from Ballistic Explorer's extensive Ammo/Bullet library.

Ballistic Explorer is a trademark of Dexadine, Inc.   All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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