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Customers tell us these are the top twelve reasons why they purchased Ballistic Explorer.

1. Ballistic Explorer is technically correct - amazingly, it's one of the few that is. Here's how you can check for yourself.  What's more important, Ballistic Explorer is proven accurate in real world conditions. Our advanced aerospace derived ballistics engine is used by major ammunition manufactures and in the software the US Navy uses to bore sight their small arms.

2. Easy to use interface with context sensitive help. Just put the cursor on somthing you want help with and press the F1 key to pop up the most relevant help in your browser. We also provide extensive help on-line in the form of How To Examples, Tutorials, Support and FAQ pages.

3. Ballistic Explorer lets you easily solve complex ballistics and sight-in problems competing software doesn't even address, and our exclusive Explorer display is designed to let you back into solutions no one has ever coded into any software.

4. Rapid fire interface. Ballistic Explorer doesn't make you fill in the same default values over and over again. Just change the parameters of interest and click on one of the view windows to automatically calculate and display the results.

5. Ballistic Explorer originated the multiple independent shooting situation (trace) feature now imitated by most competing software. Every time you see the term "trace" in competing software you know they copied it from us. As with so many other things, the imitations don't live up to the standard set by the original.

6. The only graphical bullet database on the market. You get to see a drawing of each bullet. Unlike the sorted lists you find in competing software, Ballistic Explorer gives you a real database of over 2,800 bullets that you can quickly search using up to 13 criteria.

7. The only graphical ammunition database on the market. Like the bullet database, you get to see a drawing of each load's bullet and you can use up to 13 criteria to quickly find the loads you are interested in. Even if you load your own ammo, you will find this source of over 3,600 factory loads invaluable.

8. Ballistic Explorer has been on the market since 1988 with an unmatched history of quality, accuracy and support. It's used all over the world by military, law enforcement, ballistics labs, industry and individuals.

9. Even the best data is of little use if itís not in a meaningful form. Ballistic Explorer features comprehensive displays of downrange data in tabular and graphical form. The many controls and options allow you to easily optimize data displays to fit your needs. Your data can be printed and saved to disk for whatever needs you have.

10. Ballistic Explorer is one of the few programs that supports multiple ballistic coefficients. Sierra Bullets introduced multiple ballistic coefficients many years ago when their testing showed greater accuracy could be achieved for most of their bullets by using different BC values for different velocity ranges. If you use Sierra Bullets, you need software that supports multiple BCs.

11. Digitally signed software. This is important for anyone who's concerned about installing software from "unknown" publishers. When you download our software and go to run it Windows® tells you it's published by Dexadine, Inc. This digital signature can't be altered by download errors, other people, or by viruses without invalidating it. Our digital signature is your guarantee that the software is authentic and unaltered. Dexadine is the first company in the shooting industry to adopt this best practice.

12. Ballistic Explorer is purpose designed and programmed in the U.S. by the most experienced team in the shooting industry. Our purpose-built native Windows® software is fast and rich in features, yet needs only minimal system resources. We believe in try before you buy, so we make it easy for perspective customers to download the full version of Ballistic Explorer, which runs in demo mode before it's registered. The demo mode only restricts ballistic coefficient values, so you get to work with the real software and test it on your own computer before you purchase the registration codes. Unlike software sold only on CD, nothing about Ballistic Explorer is hidden from perspective buyers.

Ballistic Explorer is a trademark of Dexadine, Inc.   All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
Last updated: April 8, 2024
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