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About Us

Located in Minnesota, Dexadine, Inc. has been developing software for industry and individuals since 1988. Our business strategy is very simple; we provide innovative high quality software and great support. Over the years we have developed software for some of the most respected companies in the shooting industry, and provided products to many thousands of individuals. Our customers come back for repeat business, which is the highest complement any business can receive.

In keeping with our business philosophy, you'll notice there are no intrusive pop-ups, flashing banners or aggressive advertisements on our site. We don't sell or give out the e-mail address of anyone who contacts us, and we don't send out unsolicited e-mail. All our products are digitally signed with our name, and thus, our reputation.

If you're looking for quality software, accurate claims, and excellent service from a trustworthy company, please consider our products.

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Some of the companies we have developed software for.


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