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How To Examples

This section provides examples of how to use Ballistic Explorer to find answers to problems common among shooters of all types. The examples are divided into two categories, Program Basics and Ballistics. The Program Basics category covers selected operations of Ballistic Explorer while the Ballistics category focuses on using Ballistic Explorer to solve shooting problems.

Each link will open a separate browser window with a Back, Next and Close button at the top which you use to navigate through the sequence of steps. You must have JavaScript enabled for these example windows to work.


Program Basics

How to get started using Ballistic Explorer • This is a good introduction to Ballistic Explorer with 30 pages and 41 images.

How to calculate Ballistic Coefficients • Being able to calculate B.C.s from velocity values lets you work with loads from magazine articles and ammunition catalogs.

How to solve problems using the Explore display • Also includes information on the Target graphic. Now you can solve problems only you have come across.



How To Change a Gun's Zeroed Range To Another Range • We cover some of the basics and then show how to use Ballistic Explorer to find the needed sight adjustment change.

How To Zero Another Load At Your Current Zeroed Range • This is something hunters often need to do.


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