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Which Drag Tables Are Provided With The Program?

Drag tables are also know as drag functions or drag models. Don't be concerned if you don't know much about drag tables. The only thing you need to know is that G1 is the default table, so just leave G1 selected. However, if you're a professional or one of the growing number of shooters who want to experiment and learn more about exterior ballistics, then you will be interested in this information.

Standard drag tables apply to groups of bullets with similar characteristics while Custom drag tables are specific to a particular bullet. The Standard drag tables supplied with Ballistic Explorer include the following:

Table Description
G1 Standard table for all sporting bullets
G2 Aberdeen J projectile conical head
G5 Table for low base drag bullets (BT)
G6 Table for flat base & sharp nose bullets
G7 Table for Very Low Drag (VLD) bullets
G8 For flatbase, 10 calibers secant ogive
GI Ingalls table
GL Table for exposed lead nose & HP bullets
GS Table for spherical bullets
RA-4 Table for rimfire bullets

The G2, G8, and GI Standard tables are derived from public sources, while all the rest in the table above are derived from the equivalent SAAMI table and are used with permission.

In addition, over 50 Custom drag tables are included with Ballistic Explore. Most of these Custom drag tables are published by Lapua and are included with their permission. The Lapua drag tables include "Lapua" in the description when viewed in the Select Drag Table dialog.

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