Main Tutorial

Ballistic Explorer's Help System

The help system uses your default browser to display pages just as if they were on a web site except you don't need to be on-line to view them. All your browser's tools can be employed to navigate, bookmark, and if desired, print help pages. With newer browsers you can have multiple help pages open either in their own windows, or in tabs, or both. This help system is compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista.

This Main Tutorial page serves as an index into a series of tutorials. Tutorials often link into the regular helps to provide greater detail about a particular feature. If you get deep into the regular helps and want to get back to this page, you can click the Index button that's at the top and bottom of every page (except the index page). This page is listed in the index as "Main Tutorial" and also as "Tutorial (Main)".

The tutorials use the "show how" style rather than the tedious "follow these steps" style. You won't be given every detail, but neither are you forced to wade through minutiae that's easily discovered simply by using the program and seeing what it does. It's recommended you view at least the first 3 tutorials in the order given below.

Tutorial: Major components of the program
Tutorial: Traces -- Load, Find, Save, Delete, and Print
Tutorial: The Find Parameter -- What & How
Tutorial: Explore Display -- Drag Function Conversion
Tutorial: Ammo/Bullet Library -- Operation Overview