Printing Options

This dialog box allows you to control how the program prints. To open this dialog click Options on the main menu and then click Printing Options...

Printout Heading: This parameter controls the heading that's printed at the top of all printouts. Pick either the Default Heading or Custom Heading. When Custom Heading is picked you can enter up to forty characters in the edit box. If you use all upper case letters for the custom heading, the heading may not fit on the page.

Page margins: This parameter sets the blank space at the top, bottom, left and right of the page. Some printers add space automatically, so the actual margin could be more.

Print Preview: When checked, the Print Preview window is displayed whenever printing from the Ammo/Bullet, Chart, Examine, Explore, or Report displays. From the Print Preview window you can print, save to a PDF file, or exit.

Allow Print Setup: When checked, a dialog opens just before printing, which allows the Destination to be selected. The printer and page orientation can also be selected by clicking the Setup button. Note that when Allow Print Setup is checked page orientation can only be set using the Setup button as shown below.

Banding Color: This parameter sets the color of bands used on some printouts to help users read across the page. If "None" is selected then no banding appears.

Orientation: This parameter selects between Portrait and Landscape page orientation. Note that the Explore and Chart displays always print using portrait orientation regardless of this setting. Also, if Allow Print Setup is checked then Orientation is disabled and can only be set using the Setup button as shown above.