Chart Zero Adjustment

Click View on the main menu and then click Chart Zero Adj to open the display. The Chart Zero Adjustment display shows the relative sight setting change that's needed to change the zero range from one distance to another distance. Find the row showing the range you are currently zeroed at (left side of Chart) and then scan across to the column for the zero range you want to zero at (range is at the top of each column). The value in the cell at the intersection of the row and column is the MOA (minutes of angle) needed to change to the new zero range.

As an example, a particular .22LR caliber rifle is currently zeroed at 50 yards, but a 75 yard zero is wanted. Looking at the chart fragment below, find the current zeroed range of 50 yards (along the left) and the new zeroed range of 75 yards (along the top). At the intersection of the row and column is the value 1.6 (MOA). The scope on this gun has the usual 4 clicks per MOA, so to change the zero from 50 to 75 yards, the scope's elevation knob must be turned 6 clicks in the up direction (6.4 = 1.6 x 4) . A negative MOA value just means the scope's elevation knob must be turned in the down direction.

Chart Control

Click the Controls button to open the Chart Control window. With this window open click on the Range Increment combo box to set the distance between readings. If there's too many ranges to display (more than 10), the Set Range scroll bar allows you to set the beginning and ending ranges of the Chart. Click the Apply button to make the changes to the chart.

Click the File button to save the selected trace's chart data to a standard ASCII file. Most word processing packages can work with ASCII files; thus, you can use your word processor to put trace data into any format you want. A standard file dialog box allows you to specify the name and directory for this file.

Once you have selected the trace and ranges you want, click the Print button. If you have the Print preview option selected, the chart is displayed in the Print Preview window and you can either print it or cancel. The Print Preview window's title shows the name of the currently selected printer.