Trace Parameters

The program checks the value of every trace parameter you enter. If the value is above or below what the program can handle, an out of range error message appears. This error message tells you what the minimum and maximum values are for the parameter you are entering.

Sometimes you want to use the same value for a parameter in more than one trace. A quick way to do this is with the right mouse button. For example, you have already clicked on the Muzzle Vel parameter of trace 2 and you want to use the same value as in trace 1. To do so, click the right mouse button while the beam cursor is in the Muzzle Vel edit box; this opens a menu that lets you copy the value from either trace 1 or trace 3. If you were on trace 3, the menu would let you copy from trace 1 or trace 2, and so on. This short cut works for all the trace parameters including those in the Extended Data Button window.

The trace parameters are listed below: