Calculating Muzzle Velocity

Technically, muzzle velocity is the velocity of the bullet just as it leaves the gun's barrel. In practice, however, the bullet's velocity is measured a short distance from the muzzle. Before calculating muzzle velocity, enter the altitude, temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction, and wind speed that existed when the velocity data was acquired. This allows Ballistic Explorer to correct muzzle velocity to standard sea level conditions.

To correct this measured (instrument) velocity to muzzle click the Options button and then click Calc Muzzle Velocity to open the Calculate Muzzle Velocity dialog box.

Enter the velocity value and the distance from the muzzle in the corresponding edit box. Note that the distance can be in feet, yards, or meters by clicking on the desired unit of measurement. Click the Calculate button to calculate and display the MV without returning to the trace window. Click the Apply button to calculate MV and return to the trace window with the calculated value in the Muzzle Vel parameter.