Edit Box

Edit Box is a standard Windows® term that describes an area in a window where text can be entered and edited. These edit boxes operate in a standard way. Text that is highlighted (inverse print) is replaced when the next printable key is pressed or when the backspace key is pressed. Often the entire text in an edit box is highlighted if the Tab key is used to set the focus to it. You can also set the focus to an edit box by clicking on it. The mouse can be used to highlight text by holding the left mouse button down and dragging the cursor over the text. The left arrow, right arrow, Home and End keys move the cursor, and if Shift is held down, these keys highlight text as the cursor is moved. Text is always inserted at the cursor's position, while the Del (delete) key can be used to delete text.

Most edit boxes in the program limit the number of characters that can be entered into them, and if more characters are typed, a beep is given and the last character typed is ignored. In this case you must delete some characters to allow others to be entered. As with most Windows® programs, Ballistic Explorer uses proportional fonts. That is, the width of characters changes depending on the character, with upper case letters being wider than lower case. If you enter a lot of upper case letters into an edit box, the text won't all fit, so the text scrolls as needed.