Select BC Option

Some bullet manufacturers publish both a standard G1 BC (Ballistic Coefficient) and a G7 BC that's often more accurate for VLD (Very Low Drag) and BT (Boat-Tail) bullets. Whenever a bullet with a G7 or other BC value is displayed, that value is shown in the lower right of the window just below the standard G1 BC value as indicated by the red and yellow arrow below.

When more than one BC value is shown and one of the transfer to trace buttons is clicked, the BC Options dialog opens to let you select which BC value you want to use.

Select the BC value you want to transfer to the trace and then click the OK button. If you always want to make the same selection until Ballistic Explorer is restarted, then check the box near the bottom of the dialog and then click the OK button. If you check the box and subsequently select to transfer a bullet that doesn't have an alternative BC value, then the G1 BC value will be used.

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