Drag Table Information

Ballistic Explorer uses text files to contain the deceleration data for various drag functions. We call these text files drag tables. The advantage of using drag tables that are external to the program is that new tables can easily be added.

The Sporting Arms And Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, Inc. (SAAMI) publishes a variety of standards for the production and testing of arms and ammunition. Most of our drag tables were derived from the corresponding SAAMI tables and are used with permission. The G2, G8, and GI tables were derived from public sources. The following drag tables are supplied with the program.

The G1 drag table (function) is universally used in most applications and published data. Some bullet manufacturers also use G7 for VLD and Boat-Tail bullets. The other tables are supplied for advanced applications and experimentation.

see Drag Table File Format

see Drag Coefficient Tables