How To Change a Gun's Zero Range To Another Range

Many hunters and target shooters use the same gun and load for game or targets at very different ranges. For example, if you're hunting in a wooded area, you might be sighted in for 100 yards. Later, you are hunting in open country and want to change your zero range to 250 yards. How far and in what direction do you turn your scope's elevation knob?

Find your gun's current sight adjustment for the load you are using and a 100 yard zero. Change the Zeroed Rng parameter to 250 yards. To calculate, click the Options button and then click Calc Trace Values. The sight adjustment value is now the setting needed to zero your gun at 250 yards. Use the two sight adjustment values to determine how far and in what direction to turn your scope's elevation knob. This is covered in How To Change a Gun's Sight Adjustment.

With this version of Ballistic Explorer you can solve this problem using the Chart display.

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