Helpful Hints
To help you learn the program a number of verbose hints popup when the mouse cursor is left over some of the labels of edit boxes and other controls in the program. After you have become familiar with the program you may find these hits more distracting than helpful, so we have supplied a way of turning them on and off. Click Options on the main menu and then click Helpful program hints to toggle the setting. Hints are on when there's a checkmark next to the option, and hints are off when there is no checkmark.

Even when the Helpful program hints option is off, icon buttons still display their hints. Usually the hint for these buttons is just a word, and because the button contains an icon rather than a word, the hint is very useful.

The Helpful program hints appear when the mouse cursor is left over the LABEL for some edit boxes and controls, rather than on the edit box or control itself. For example, with the Helpful program hints option on, place the mouse cursor over the label "Wind Dir" on a Trace window to popup the hint for wind direction.