Find Max Pnt Blk Rng

Spelled out, the abbreviation Max Pnt Blk Rng stands for maximum point blank range. The program also uses the acronym MPBR where even the abbreviation is too long. The concept of point blank range is based on the principle that game animals have a vital zone. And placing a shot anywhere inside the vital zone does the job. Within the maximum point blank range, the shooter can aim at the center of the target's vital zone without having to hold high or low to compensate for the bullet's trajectory. This concept also works with silhouette shooting.

After setting Find to Max Pnt Blk Rng you also need to tell the program the diameter (distance from edge to edge) of the vital zone. This value is entered as another trace parameter. Within the maximum point blank range, the bullet is never more than the allowed distance above or below the line of sight.