Trace Catalog

Trace Catalog makes it easy to find the traces you want to work with. On the Trace window click the File button to open the Trace Catalog.

The Trace Catalog shows five fixed columns of data for each trace with the option to display up to five additional columns of data. The fixed columns are as follows:

MV (Muzzle Velocity)
B.C. (Ballistic Coefficient)
Wgt. (Bullet Weight)

The optional five columns are controlled by clicking the View Extended Data button and clicking on column names to check or uncheck them.

The five optional columns are as follows:

Load Name
Gun Name
Bullet Style

The catalog can be sorted by any displayed column just by clicking on the heading of that column. The sorted column is indicated by the ^ mark in the heading. Columns can be individually sized by placing the mouse on the dividing line between column headings and dragging left or right. Sorting and size adjustments are remembered as is your location in the catalog.