Krogh model

Since 1992 Ballistic Explorer offered the Krogh™ model, which was developed by James W. Krogh. The Krogh model is a full three dimensional point mass trajectory simulation utilizing 4th order Runge-Kutta integration along with further advanced features. The Krogh model needs lots of computer power (or time) to calculate trajectories, but the speed of modern PC's solved that issue and allows us to use this model's great accuracy out to the program's maximum range of 2500 yards (meter).

Mr. Krogh has many years experience working in the munitions and aerospace industries, and he holds advanced degrees in both mathematics and physics. Besides being an avid hunter, Mr. Krogh also enjoys building and shooting bench rest rifles. Against the backdrop of his expert knowledge and a bench rest shooter's obsession with accuracy, Mr. Krogh set out to develop a ballistics model that would correspond with real world observations.