Multiple Ballistic Coefficients

Some manufactures publish up to five ballistic coefficients (BC) for their bullets. Whenever more than one BC is given, a velocity range must also be given for each BC. To enter multiple BC values, click the button just to the right of the BC value in the Trace window. This opens the Multiple BC window. Once the values have been entered click the OK button. The ^ character to the right of the BC value in the Trace window indicates a multiple BC value.

In the above example the bullet has a BC of 0.350 at 2800 f/s and above, a BC of 0.325 between 1800 f/s and 2800 f/s, and a BC of 0.300 below 1800 f/s. Notice the two 0.001 BC values. These, or any other BC values, in the last two positions would be ignored in this case because the velocity in the position above them is 0 f/s. There is room for as many as five BC values, but usually only two or three are needed. The Clear button clears all the values except for the first BC value, which is the value seen in the trace window (cleared BCs have a value of 0.001).