Zero Adjustment

The program calculates the sight adjustment (MOA) needed to change the zero of a given bullet from its current zero range to a new range. Fundamentally, zero adjustment is the bullet's path in MOA, but with the opposite sign. That is, for a bullet that's 1.0 MOA (about an inch) high at 100 yards, the Zero adjustment value would be -1.0 MOA. What that means is that to change the zero of that bullet's load to 100 yards you would change the sight setting by 1.0 MOA in the negative (down) direction.

Zero Adjustment data can be seen in either the Examine or Report displays. The Chart display shows a table of relative sight adjustments for a number of ranges. You can also view a plot of Zero Adj. in the Graph display as shown below.

see Zero Rng

see Non-Zero Range