Getting Support
Click Help on the main menu and then click Web Help. If you're on-line and have a default browser selected, the Web Help and Support page opens on the Dexadine site. Or you can just click here to open the same page.

If you have checked the on-line web page and read through these helps and still have problems with Ballistic Explorer, you can get help by e-mail. The e-mail address is on the Web Help and Support page. As you can imaging, we get lots of SPAM mail, so our filters eliminate anything that has NO subject or generic subjects like "need help", "won't print", or "FAX". To get past the filters you should put the product name or abbreviation in the subject line such as "need help with Bex", "Bex won't print" or "Bex FAX".

In the body of the e-mail Include the version of Bex you are using (click Help on the main menu and then click About) and the version of Windows you are using. Explain what you are trying to do and the results you are getting. We give great support, but we need enough information to figure out what the problem is.

Please don't ask questions relating to the operation of Windows® or how to do general tasks like copy files from one place to another. If you just got your computer, you probably have questions about how to set up the hardware, install printer drives, and other startup issues. However, these types of questions should be answered by the people who sold you your system. Also, you should read the manuals and help files that came with your system.

Printing is usually the biggest problem area. Before you seek support please read Tips For Printing Graphs, and also make sure you can print using one of the programs that comes with Windows® such as "NotePad" or "WordPad" in the Accessories group. If you can't print with these programs, you have a general printing problem that has nothing to do with Ballistic Explorer. Once again, contact the people who sold you your system.