Program Registration

The program must be registered to unlock it's full range of features. You should have been sent a serial number and key code when you ordered the program. The registration routine is designed to be harmless. If you make a mistake entering information, the program simply exits.

Start the program and click on Register to open the Registration dialog. Enter the Serial Number and Key coded and then click the OK button. The program saves them so you don't need to register again unless you change, rebuild, or substantially modify your computer.

WARNING: Many years of research and development have gone into producing Ballistic Explorer; please respect our copyright. The registration process provides a means of tracking illegal copies of the program back to the original purchaser. We know it can be difficult to refuse giving the serial number and key code to a friend, but once you do, you've lost control of it. Your friend has other friends who also want to use the program, and every one will be using your serial and key code. We reserve the right to block any serial numbers in future upgrades should we discover they were shared.